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Corporate Social Investment

Magma Media believes in giving back.  We have been blessed with amazing clients and great opportunities and would like to give something back to organizations that really makes a difference in the lives of under privileged people.  We know and realize that we can't be involved with everyone, but we try to help and support where we can. 


Magma Media teamed up with EnviroLove NPO, Stellenbosch Trail Fund and Idas Valley Community to create an awareness campaign video for their work they do with the youth of Idas Valley Community.

Magma Media filmed the launch day of DAYS OF HOPE.  We hope that DAYS OF HOPE can use this highlights clip to get more volunteers and investors involved to make this great project a HUGE success.

More about DAYS OF HOPE.

DAYS OF HOPE started after a Mandela Day outreach and a few inspired people believed that this can't be limited to just one day, but have to become an ongoing movement.  Their mission is to give food to underprivileged kids 365 days a year.  This official launch took place on Friday, 14 October 2016 at  Prestwich Street Primary School and they gave food for more than 700 kids.

The movement was started and pioneered by some passionate individuals and business owners.

Here’s a bit more info about the 3 organisations at the heart of Days of Hope:

Ladles of Love:  They are a soup kitchen and feeding programme - they provide the food for these events, along with sponsoring and running the ongoing feeding scheme. They also co-ordinate the volunteers and media outreach.
One Million Strong:  They run educational programmes designed to impact the lives of the next generation - they will be running the life-skills programmes at schools once more funds are raised.

SASH (SA Society of Hope): They work with the disadvantaged to bring hope, motivation and teach new skills - they assist with organising the DAYS OF HOPE events, liaising with the schools and keeping our volunteers well-fed on the day.

We are also thankful for the contributions made by:

• Afrosapien Entertainment are a entertainment management company who represent artists, musicians and other performers in Cape Town. Through them we have been able to work with the fantastic Russell Fox, who generously performed his magic for the children at the Days of Hope launch day.

• M² work in with schools to teach mindfulness & movement to students, helping them to stay calm and focused throughout long school days. Nicky of M² has been working with Prestwich for many years, she ran the mindfulness session at the Days of Hope event on Friday and will be continuing her excellent work at Prestwich into the future.

• Sir Fruit kindly sponsored the juice for the entire event.

Magma Media is excited to get involved and help them grow this movement to something that really create change in lives of individuals and communities.

Please contact DANNY if you want to get involved.
073 720 8088

Magma Media CSI involvement
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